Saturday, October 9, 2010

Update on Dwight

Newest on Dwight:

After careful examination by the Whatcom County medical examiner, no signs of trauma or internal/external injuries were found on Dwight. Dwight Clark was then said to have died by drowning. They have yet to determine whether or not this was an accidental drowning or what else could have happened. A toxicology report is being done and will be released in about 6-8 weeks.

So all of the rumors and beliefs about Clark could be false. But people still question if he really did just fall in. To further explain why it is hard to believe it was an accident, let's go over everything we have been told and know...

Dwight left the party and headed UP Indian St. toward Nash Hall dorms. Nash Hall, if you are not familiar with Western's campus, is about a 5 min. walk from where the party was located.

A blank text from Dwight's phone was traced to the corner of Railroad Ave. and Magnolia St. This intersection is about a 10-15 min. walk from the party location. For those not familiar with Bellingham, know that Dwight would've had to be going up Indian St. for 0.1 miles then turn right and down (away from where you can clearly see his dorm) E. Myrtle St., turn right on N. Garden St. and continue about 1 mile to get to the corner of Magnolia and Railroad.

There has been speculation that Clark could have passed out, or even fallen over in the Whatcom Creek which leads down to where his body was discovered near GP. However, if he did in fact travel toward Whatcom Creek, he would have walked another 1.5 or so miles to the closest "entry" into the creek. Any other "entry" to the creek would be a farther distance to walk.

[Note all the area he would have covered]

If Clark would have gone to the area which his body was discovered and just simply passed out and fell in, he would have had to go all the way to Magnolia and Railroad (where the text was traced) then completely turn the other way around and walk about a mile to the dock near GP. It's possible Dwight could have continued on Cornwall Ave and maybe fallen into the bay that way but it just doesn't seem possible.

I tried getting a map on here but it wouldn't work for me.

Back to facts...

The police brought in a cadaver dog which traced Dwight's scent from the party house to E. Myrtle St.(0.1 miles away) and the dog had stopped and sat on Myrtle St. indicating the scent had gone away. The dog had been brought down near the location of where Clark's body was found and picked up the scent again.


The dog scented Dwight as if he had gotten near E. Myrtle St., possibly got picked up, and did not touch ground leaving a scent until his body was in the water.

There are so many questions still needing to be answered. Was it an accident? It could've been. Does it seem like more than an accident? Yes it does. Is there more to the story than what we think? Yes because someone out there knows something and we need them to come clean. There are missing pieces to this puzzle and it's going to be damn hard trying to put it all together.

Remember I am speaking from my point of view. If there is something I am leaving out or something I misinterpreted, then let me know. But as far as I am aware, I have the information correct.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Corbin Eric Russell

Meet Corb:) also known as "Little Monkey." This is my favorite 2 year old in the entire world. If you can't tell, he is the younger brother of Cam. Corbin should not be underestimated. He is a very smart 2 year old so don't be fooled. He likes to call me "Shelby" since my best friends name is Shelby and she spends a lot of time with the boys as well. He knows how to say "Kassi" but he knows I get agitated when he stares at me in the face and calls me "Shelby" over and over again. As soon as I turn away, the little bugger whispers "Kassi", laughs, then runs away:) He is always denying me hugs and kisses and sometimes hits me. I have threatened him by telling him I will write down all the mean/bad things he has done to me as a toddler and when he turns about 16, I will pay him back for the headaches he has given me. I can never stay mad at him though, I mean look at how cute he is:) I love him and Cam more than anyone could imagine.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cameron "CORN" Gordon Russell

Meet Cam:)This is my favorite 4 year old in the entire world! He is such a goofball and is always saying CORN! I could sit and listen to him for hours if he would want to talk for that long. He is so animated and excited when he goes to tell you a story, its unbelievable. He gets on my last nerve at times but I know I can always turn to him for a great big hug and am certain he will always be able to make me smile. He is technically my cousin but as much time as I spend with him, he might as well be called my little brother.

RIP Dwight Clark

Dwight A. Clark, age 18 and Freshman at WWU. 

Dwight went missing Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010. For the past week, family, friends, and community members have been searching day and night for this young adult. 

Rumors and gossip spread like wild fire... "I heard he just took off." "I bet he's hiding from the media." "I heard two waitresses in Blaine saw him in a diner all depressed." "I think it's another case having to do with the Smiley Face Murders." "Did you hear about the text message?" "Did you hear about the poster?" "There's that psychic who says he's out by Mt. Baker Hwy."

Sadly, but thankfully, Dwight Clark was found near the old Georgia Pacific log pond late morning Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010. Thoughts and prayers are with the Clark family in this devastating time.

I would be lying if I said we can all sleep a little better knowing Dwight's body was finally found. Yes it is great that no one had to wonder where he could be but now the questions remain: WHO IN THIS WORLD IS SICK ENOUGH TO MURDER A STUDENT AND JUST DUMP HIS BODY AS IF HE WASN'T ANYTHING OR ANYONE IMPORTANT? How can the people of Bellingham feel safe and sound roaming around when killers are still out there? 

I can't sit here and say I knew Dwight personally, but I have heard nothing but good things about his character. How can these bastards sleep at night knowing they killed an innocent kid just trying to get back home. He had his whole life ahead of him, and no one will ever know the greatness he could've achieved. How can we have sick and demented people in this world who think they can take a life away without warning? What in their brains, if they have any, is different from that from a compassionate human being? I want to really ask these kids what was going on in their heads to just attack such a sweet person like Dwight.

I pray to the heavens above that someone comes forward or someone finds the criminals involved. Justice needs to be served.